Talking to a PrimaryPad

Inclusion and accessibility are right up on the agenda here at Primary Technology and today we have been able to tick a really big box by including Speech to Text support on Pads in PrimaryPad. Real time collaboration without a keyboard in this world with a penetration of mobile and tablet factor devices is a really nice feature and we’re really proud of our contributions to Etherpad Lite which have made this possible.

At current Speech to Text is only available in Google Chrome however over the next few months we expect to see other browsers adopting this fantastic input method! Enjoy!

Try it for yourself on a Pad at PrimaryPad <– make sure to use Google Chrome

Primary Technology Services and Sky Broadband

We were recently made aware of a problem where some Sky Broadband users couldn’t access any of our hosted web services such as PrimaryBlogger, PrimaryPad and PrimaryWall. This was due to an incompatible file on our servers which has now been updated, which should have fixed the issue.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the users that reported the issue and remind you all that we take any problem seriously and act on them as quickly as we can.

If you discover anything that you think is wrong with any of our services or you’re still having issues accessing any of our services, please report it to us via our support website at and we’ll do our best to help rectify the situation for you.



Safe Search on the Bradford Learning Network

Today we rolled out a new feature for Bradford Learning Network(BLN) schools that we hope to roll out to other Broadband providers.

Regional Broadband consortiums such as the BLN purchase curriculum focused resources for their customers. We found that a number of schools were not aware of the resources they had access to so we decided to add a links section to safe search that will be displayed when any computer on the Bradford Learning Network accesses safe search.

The links direct the users to the single sign on link of their specific resource and have the Shibboleth WAYF set.

The links look like this:

You can directly link to to access it from home.

If you would like similar functionality for your RBC or LA then please get in touch!

Technical note: We automatically detect the location of the visitor IE schools from the Bradford Learning Network just visit and get the appropriate links. We do this based on IP address of the visitor