Primary Technology Services and Sky Broadband

We were recently made aware of a problem where some Sky Broadband users couldn’t access any of our hosted web services such as PrimaryBlogger, PrimaryPad and PrimaryWall. This was due to an incompatible file on our servers which has now been updated, which should have fixed the issue.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the users that reported the issue and remind you all that we take any problem seriously and act on them as quickly as we can.

If you discover anything that you think is wrong with any of our services or you’re still having issues accessing any of our services, please report it to us via our support website atΒ and we’ll do our best to help rectify the situation for you.



Pep easing onto PrimaryWall

I just enabled Pep easing on the open source version of PrimaryWall. Easing is basically where the notes decellerate into place, making them have a much smoother move across the screen.

Using pep meant I can remove jquery UI which is a really overweight framework to include so hopefully page load will be faster too πŸ™‚ Over the next few months I will be optimizing page load and including more bug monitoring and hopefully updating the version.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

New PrimaryWall features: Search results count and Wordle export

Ever wanted to export your Primarywall note contents to Wordle? Now you can! When on a wall click Share -> Go!

Ever wanted to know how many times a certain word has been used on a wall? Now when you search for a word you get a word count. This is better than other systems as you can type part of a word and use that as a work around for spelling mistakes :)

My Teachmeet tale

This is a short tale that will tell you exactly why people like me need to go to Teachmeets.

I rocked up at Teachmeet, flyers out, brain on, willing to listen. The talks were all great and then @largerama got up and showed something similar to PrimaryWall. Brilliant, I thought, because it wasn’t as nice as PrimaryWall but he showed 2 features PrimaryWall doesn’t have!! Oh noes!! Export to Wordle and another one that is coming soon, sssh(secrets)! Anyway.. Long story short, I was at TM on Thursday, I did 30 minutes implementing the new wordle feature today and it’s now live… 30 minutes!! That’s all it takes for a great idea to end up on a great platform.. Kudos to @Largerama, he is a genie’s bum!

The functionality is available for both pro and basic accounts. PrimaryT will make a formal announcement later this week hopefully once all the CSS is polished etc.