Primary Technology – Schools ICT services.

Etherpad foundation – The foundation behind the Etherpad open source software.

Mclear – The parent company that’s making your finger smarter.

NFC Ring – Your Finger, Smarter.

Visa Payment Ring – A ring that can be used to make payments

Web services, software and hardware

The NFC Ring – A ring to unlock your phone, unlock doors and share information.

Primary Blogger – Free blogging service for primary schools built on WordPress

Primary Pad – Really real time collaborative text editing built on Etherpad technology.

Primary Games Arena – Hundreds of categorized educational games run by a community of teachers.

School Holidays – A site to publish and find your school holiday dates.

Primary / School Email – The UKs #1 school email service

Free online pictogram creator – A free online pictogram creator/editor/generator aka pictograph & pictogramme.

Random Name Selector – A random person / name / item selector designed to be used at Teachmeets and also useful to use to pick something random in the classroom.

Plugins / Modules (None Etherpad)

Primary Games Arena Plugin / Widget – A simple wordpress plug-in for embedding the latest games from Primary Games Arena.

BrainPOP WordPress plug-in – A simple WordPress plug-in for embedding BrainPOP content


WordPress Varnish VCL config – A VCL config that enables scaling of WordPress using Varnish Cache.


Primary School Safe Search – Safe internet search built on Google technology run by a community of teachers

Eyes to the front – A classroom application for rewarding pupil attention

Project XPA – An experience points platform.

Historical / sold

Primary School Teaching – Teacher resource sharing run by a community of teachers

Primary Box – Really real time secrets…

Schools Web 2 catalogue – A searchable collection of Web2 resources for Primary School Educators.

Super Trumps – Web-based hero/avatar creator and comparison game designed for schools.

Primary School TV wordpress plug-in / widget – A simple wordpress plug-in for embedding the latest videos from Primary School TV.

Profanity filter API РA simple profanity filter API that detects curse words and returns a score based on the naughtiness of the string (English language only)

Primary Paint – Really real time collaborative painting built on Scribblar technology.

Satpin – Simple link sharing for KS1.

Primary School TV – Safe online video for Primary Schools.

Free online autocue software – A free online autocue / teleprompter and i wrote a jQuery plugin to compliment it.

Primary School important Events (UK focused) – Dates for important events such as Christmas, New year, and special days such as aids awareness day.

PrimaryWall – Collaborative sticky notes designed with simplicity in mind

Classdroid – An Android application reviewing, grading and publishing pupils class work.

SearchyPants – Customizable Safe Search engine.

Primary School Avatar comparison tool – A tool built with Isotope that shows different outputs of various avatar creators so you can pick one that suits your personal style.