NEW FEATURE: PrimaryPad autoQue / Teleprompter

Ever wanted to make a movie and needed an autoQue? Well why not collaboratively write your script in PrimaryPad then export it straight to our autoQue tool?

We have released the autoQue tool under an open source license and we will be adding it to the suite of tools available through the safe search website.

Check it out now, visit this pad then click Export –> autoQue

Our contribution to collaborative writing

Since December 2009 we have been contributing towards an open-source project called Etherpad.  Open source projects can be described as free software that is free to modify, use and redistribute.  Etherpad has been the technology we have used for PrimaryPad.  Today Etherpad Lite finally reached Version 1 which means it’s ready for download and widely adopted usage.  We’re really proud of this achievement and we hope to support the project into the future.

Read more about Etherpad including the option to host your own