XPArena – A Learning experience points platform

WARNING: This is a horrible idea for a use of technology. It completely dehumanizes pupils. It was an abstract idea and is left here for historical purposes. Since I wrote this some companies have begun developing this tool, these companies should be ashamed of themselves and read this to begin walking their path of enlightenment — This includes ClassDojo and Vivo Miles

A video I did for GTA that covers some aspects of XPArena (Project XPA)


XPArena is an experience points platform for use by educators.  XPArena enriches a pupils learning experience by adding experience points to their process inside, and outside of schools.  See an example class, See an example school.  Content creators can easily integrate with XPArena via an API.  XPArena can be embedded in learning platforms, environments, blogs etc.  XPArena isn’t designed to be a replacement for conventional assessment but a tool that can compliment existing methods.

An experience point (often abbreviated to Exp or XP) is a unit of measurement used in many role-playing games (RPGs) and role-playing video games to quantify a player character‘s progression through the game. Experience points are generally awarded for the completion of quests, overcoming obstacles and opponents, and for successful role-playing.

The current problem

The video below explains by rewarding pupils we can empower pupils so they can face the problems of tomorrow.

How things really are in schools at the moment.

Problem a – lack of collaboration

Child receives reward on interactive learning game but his/her success is not recorded in his/her learning e-portfolio.

Current existing solution
Child has to manually log their game time into their learning e-portfolio.

Proposed solution to problem a: Child is prompted after game completion to submit their school to XPArena

Problem b – barriers to input

Child completes piece of work in classroom but his/her work is not easily recorded into his/her learning e-portfolio.

Proposed solution to problem b: Teacher takes photo on mobile phone, selects the student from a list then gives an appropriate amount of experience points to the pupil.

Current existing solution
Teacher takes picture on digital camera, uploads it to their computer, puts it onto the learning platform then grades it.

Problem c – Closed products

Childs school has purchased into a gaming or collaboration solution but pupil is required to sign in and often cost & connectivity is an issue.

Current existing solution
Ask teacher for password, wait a few days, content is extremely limited.

Proposed solution to problem c: Remove barriers of access by utilizing the vast amount of free high quality resources available already on the internet.


Required technology understanding for completion:

  • WordPress API
  • OpenID
  • Google Gadgets inc. API
  • Twitter API
  • Facebook API
  • OneSocialWeb API
  • Android (Java/MySQLite)
  • Apache (php/html/js/css)
  • MySQL
  • Adobe flash (Actionscript)
  • Moodle
  • Shibboleth

This video talks about how experience points and gaming are becoming a more frequent piece of daily life and how a school in the states gives out experience points, including class attendance, participation and homework completion.  See 19 minutes+ for this part.

Example applications

Facebook updates on parents feed when pupil gets rewarded XP

Feed captured images and XP to a learning blog

Update childs XP when interactive game is completed

Constant updated XP league table on school digital signage

Pupil Vs Pupil competitions

Class Vs Class competitions

School vs School competitions

Real life rewards for XP

XP based target criteria

School MIS can reward on attendance

Seth Priebatsch did a presentation about it at Tedx recently:

And Jesse did a 2 hour talk at Fora which is crazy interesting:

Also this guy talks about replacement which is an interesting problem we may face:

And here we discuss 7 ways games reward the brain..

And this is a plugin for buddypress which is pretty sweet =)

Achievements for BuddyPress – introduction from Paul Gibbs on Vimeo.

Victoria does a great talk about her experiences so far and the situation mostly in the USA, this is aimed more at older kids but still very relevant 🙂

This video is by gamers and covers each aspect specifically:

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