Facebook connect on playstation 3 (ps3)

Turns out that the playstation 3 doesn’t like facebook, also turns out that the playstation 3 has strange javascript controls and displays pages in a weird fashion (weird css support).

I love the option of browsing the internet on a playstation but it has to work correct.
News on when the playstation 3 will support facebook connect is sketchy, according to Sony it already does.
I have updated the playstation and it still doesn’t seem to want to work with the facebook connect function from Primary School Teaching
If anyone can shed any more light on this please leave a comment!

Teachers resource sharing using Elgg

I got bored the other night and created a “Facebook for teachers” type service that allows teachers to login and resource share.

I’m not sure if it will be popular, it gets about 1 sign up a day, by my reconning thats quite good but I’m not entirely convinced.
Anyway’s Iv’e been looking at different styling options and come to the conclusion that I want to keep it simple, no big graphics or logos, just simple rounded edges and some colour coding for subjects..
I guess I wanted to give teachers somewhere they could share/edit lesson plans and be rewarded for contributing..  It also enables teachers to share ideas, have discussions, create groups of friends..   Everything you would expect from a facebook type environment is there..
If you want to check it out just visit Primary School Teaching or browse to http://primaryschooleteaching.co.uk
I have asked a few schools I work with to consider contributing all of their lesson plans over a 6 month period as a sort of trial thingy…
I recognise that names must be removed and data protection must be fulfilled and I hope that no head teachers use the system to monitor their teachers plans..
As always with new systems like these there will be lots of people snarling and highlighting the short falls.  For now I will concentrate on the positives and see where it takes us..