Bradford Schools Remote Access upgrades

On the 1st of November we implemented a number of upgrades to the Bradford Schools Remote Access system.

What has changed?

1. Remote Access is now smoother and faster. We are using new technology to ensure a smoother user experience.
2. A new Desktop client means that you can access your schools Remote Access from your desktop or start menu without having to go through the web browser.
3. Increased security means that you can be confident that only your staff are accessing your schools systems.

What if I have a problem with the new system?

Please get in touch and we will resolve it ASAP

Find out more about Bradford Schools Remote Access

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King’s Science Academy announced in Bradford

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I’m confused… A load of secondary’s in Bradford weren’t able to get their BSF money to get a new build yet a new free school has been announced.

Does anyone know what it’s intake will be or who is behind the proposal?

UPDATE: Intake will be Yr7+ and it is funded by Alan Lewis.

UPDATE: It will be built on Northside Road in Lidget Green and will be a 2.1 mile drive from the nearest secondary school (Grange City Technology College).

UPDATE:  The school now has a website up that answers most of my questions.

There are many likely problems with the location/model and with the council taking education back from Serco I expect to see several sparks flying ūüôā

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This Saturday in my City Centre (Bradford)

PASADENA, CA - OCTOBER 15:  People ascend an e...
A racist group of people are protesting or doing something, police are guarding them.

The general word on the street is most normal people will be avoiding the city.

What happens when people avoid the city?  Retail sales go down.

Who owns the retail outlets in Bradford?  White people.

Perfect circle of fail ūüôā GG EDL.

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An unpopular blog post – 7 ways to cut ICT costs

It is never popular talking about how schools can save money on ICT or areas where spending is just too high. ¬†Sorry if you fall out with me on this one.. ¬†These are all suggestions, I don’t endorse any in any way, shape or form (this is mostly for political reasons…).

For the most part you get what you pay for, so any savings may mean a drop in quality and a negative impact on teaching and learning.  The conservative education policy is (we assume) run by people with more knowledge than myself so when they say schools need to spend less on ICT all I do is figure out how..

It is up to you to decide how they will impact your teaching and learning.

1. Printing

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £500

Yep, the ugly ink spewing beast is still costing even the smallest of primary school thousands of pounds every year mostly in toners and ink.  So how can a school save money?

a) Use a managed printing solution to reduce the cost per sheet and to restrict the amount certain users can print.

b) Use on-line collaboration such as email more effectively

c) Encourage parents to get on-line and use an e-newsletter / social networking

2. MIS support

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £2000

Why is it that one application costs nearly as much to support as the entire network full of applications used on the curriculum side?

a) Change your support provider to a more cost effective option

b) Use e-registration and remove the need to replace that nasty OMR

3. Internet connectivity

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £2000

Internet provision from Becta approved providers usually costs 2 to 4 times that from a local internet provider, this is because they usually bundle educational services into the package and/or tools to collaborative with other schools in your area.

a) Change to a local internet provider offering less bandwidth at reduced rates

4. Backups

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £250

Tape backups are horribly inefficient, unreliable and costly.

a) Use remote backup services

5. AV

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £500

Most schools have now spent up on purchasing interactive classroom stuff, replacement bulbs can cost up to £500 each

a) Maintain your projects by pro actively cleaning filters and performing regular maintenance

6. Software Licensing

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £500

Microsoft have now released their Office web apps so when you come to purchase new devices you can almost ignore the cost of Microsoft Office licensing.

a) Get familiar with Live @ Edu & Office Web Apps or Google Web Apps

b) Become familiar with the vast array of free web 2 tools for schools

7. Technical support

Potential savings in average 2 form entry school: £500

From personal experience I know a major cost of technical support is the time spent visiting a specific machine. ¬†There are obvious advantages to having an on-site engineer. ¬†Face to face support is still by far the best we have right now but that is because we haven’t really explored the realm of good remote desktop support for our curriculum networks as of yet.

a) Encourage your technical support provider to explore on-demand live remote desktop support and monitoring

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Bradford imax cinema is excluding Bradfordians

Leeds urban subdivision in West Yorkshire urba...

I want to go to the Bradford Imax Cinema but I can’t bring myself to pay ¬£1 for a processing charge and ¬£1 for a service charge and ¬£9 for a ticket.

The best part of £11 for a ticket that 12 months ago cost £6 is just ridiculous, especially considering the imax is party publicly financed (although they publicly deny this which is ridiculous).  I guess a load of wealthy people from Leeds and the surrounding areas will come in and buy tickets so I doubt the Imax will get the message that is excluding itself from the thrifty mentality of Bradfordians.

I did complain when the price was increased and mentioned the potential problems of excluding their local customers. ¬†Imax didn’t seem concerned and continued reinvesting in things we don’t want such as a new entrance area. ¬†My message to the management board at Imax is stop spending, start saving because when people from further areas can’t afford tickets the people of Bradford will remember how you treated them and it will take a lot of work to get the numbers back up.


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