UK ISPs that don’t block the PirateBay

Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2, Virgin Media and Orange are now blocking The Pirate Bay.  You should consider switching your ISP to one that doesn’t block The Pirate Bay.  Please leave comments to let me know if your ISP is blocking websites or not.

Kids.  The decision to block any website is an example of bad governance.

Sesame Street youtube channel hacked

Sesame Streets Youtube channel and hundereds of partners that aggregated videos from the Sesame street Youtube channel today published indecent images and potentially extremely indecent video to children.

The pornographic videos uploaded by a hacker spread quickly around the internet, way too quick for Google who took 20 minutes to respond to the e-safety issue.

This is the first major instance where a major channel partner has been hacked and the target audience has been children. We can only assume that thousands of children have been affected.

It is not yet clear how the hacker managed to gain access to the Youtube channel that is currently suspended and not available.  Today’s incident will lave Youtube and Google embarrassed especially after only 5 days ago Youtube released a “Youtube Channel for Teachers” and only a few months ago were promoting the sesame street brand on the Google Search home page.

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2011, the year of internet child protection?

CEOP seems to of had a big knock this month and I’m not sure anyone other than RBC’s are being vocal about protecting children online?  Certainly most of the development we have done has been ignored by most educators.   Schools are required to get 3 quotes for purchases over X amount so why not consider performing a risk assessment when purchasing hosted web services?   I guess there needs to be a carrot.  Maybe Naace could set up a quality assurance mark for hosted web services?  Just an idea…