6 thoughts on “Update: Youtube into the Primary Classroom

  1. The safe YouTube filtering for schools looks brill! Would love to test it!
    Sue Broadbent

  2. John, re ‘Changing Youtube…’ absolutely brilliant. But what does your solution cost? How can it be communicated to schools? Through Naace?

  3. Hey Ray, the solution doesn’t cost anything. I hope to launch it in January, I think we will communicate it using the Primary Technology channels. Thanks for your kind support Ray 🙂

  4. A brilliant fix for a real problem. My only concern is that we are modelling using the brilliant side of Youtube in school in a safe, protected environment, then the children go home to an unsafe environment. How do we protect them there? My advice to students and teachers has always been and still is to find the great videos and use something like Zamzar.com to extricate them from Youtube.

  5. John
    It isn’t just primary schools that have issues with YouTube, many secondary schools are worried about the issues you describe and are resolving through this solution. I would be very interested to know when it goes live as i would like to share it with the schools I work with. In the world of safeguarding and financial restraints we live in, safe and free go down well with schools. 😀

  6. This service is accessible from home, no login etc required. We don’t protect them at home, we provide a better service and encourage them to use it. We have to educate them to use appropriate web services, that is our duty. Either way primary school tv will happily compete on a level playing field with other popular services. It will naturally not be as cool due to it’s name so we will probably launch a sister service called something nondescript that we can market to children. I do want to mention that I’m not so interested in secondary, sorry but my focus has always been primary!

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