PrimaryWall finally rears it’s friendly face

“PrimaryWall is a web-based sticky note tool designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time” – and it was conceived by Lord James Langley to replace the unstable and overly complicated Wallwisher and Linoit in schools.  PrimaryWall is initially starting with just public features and in beta so we can get quality feedback from teachers and pupils.  We have tested it in a few Primary Schools and it has been fast, stable and most importantly enjoyable.  James asked me to develop it in January with the idea that it is easily accessable from PrimaryPad but a lot has happened over the last few months so it took us a while.

To make PrimaryWall we had to work on a lot of new technologies and to learn about these technologies we made a game which is due to be published in a few weeks. The initial plan was to use the standard PHP/AJAX/Apache stack but we figured NodeJS would be way more fun and make for a much sharper collaborative experience.

We were able to publish PrimaryWall open source so you can host your own if you want.  We hope to bring professional options in soon so watch this/that space 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts about PrimaryWall so feel free to leave me a comment or post a message on the Primary Technology community. Alternatively if you have a blog it would be really useful if you would do a review letting me know your pro’s/con’s and what you would like to see in the future. Our basic link of functionality we are adding is:

  • Password protect walls
  • Manage walls – Delete etc.
  • Change font
  • Change background
  • Profanity detection and filtering
  • Phone support
  • Pass name of author from third party applications
  • Easy wall embed

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