Using git bisect to debug Etherpad issues

Sometimes stuff gets broken due to new commits, we need to know which commit broke functionality.

To do this

git pull
git checkout develop

Ensure the bug exists then

git checkout master

Ensure the bug doesn’t exist. If it does checkout older versions IE git checkout release/1.2.8
Next begin the bisect process..

git bisect start

Tell bisect that master is fine

git bisect good

Tell bisect that develop is bad

git checkout develop
git bisect bad

Bisect will then deliver you a commit state, test this new version..


Test, Control C.. Did it work? If so…

git bisect good

Did it not work? If so..

git bisect bad

Rinse repeat ‘git bisect good’ and/or ‘git bisect bad’ until it delivers you with a commit SHA then create an issue including the details from the SHA.

Basically bisect will tell you which commit introduced the bug.