PrimaryBlogger updates

We had scheduled some PrimaryBlogger maintenance time in tonight to update the file system and that meant that some admin pages would not be available. We didn’t expect a) it would take so long, b) it would be so disruptive, c) teachers would still be adding posts to their blogs at 22:30.. We have put it off till midnight when it will start again..


How to embed PrimaryWall in PrimaryBlogger

1. Login to your PrimaryWall pro account wall
2. Click Share
3. Select the embed code and right click, copy.
4. Goto PrimaryBlogger and login
5. Create a new post.
6. Click HTML [top right of edit box]
7. Right click in the edit box and click Paste.
8. Click Publish.

Note: Make sure your Security options are set correctly.
Note: You can adjust the width/height so it looks great in your blog. Below is an example:

WordPress mobile error: “the target server failed to respond”

When joining a new mobile device to wordpress it looks like the first request is a GET request.

My Varnish config only included support for POST requests to xmlrpc.php

I updated my config to read:

// set backend, pipe, strip cookies from xmlrpc 
  if (req.request == "POST" && req.url ~ "xmlrpc.php") {remove req.http.cookie;set req.backend = mainserver;return(pipe);}
  if (req.request == "GET" && req.url ~ "xmlrpc.php") {remove req.http.cookie;set req.backend = mainserver;return(pipe);}

and it sorted it! Huraa