I’m doing a webinar about wearable technology

I’m excited to be doing a webinar for Farnell / Element 14 on the 24th of September. The topic is wearable technology.

I will mostly be focusing on the potential of wearable rings but I will also cover bracelets and how I hope wearable technology can disrupt the resource hungry jewelry industry.

Attend the 9am GMT session
Attend the 3pm GMT session

It’s a free webinar so sign up now ­čÖé

My genetic report

I try to be at the forefronts of lots of technological advanced and I try to support companies that make advanced in areas I deem positive on the future of humanity. With that said I had a genetic report done by 23 and Me.

I was amazed they were able to detect psoriasis and that my risk level is massively high [43%+], this is amazing because I am showing early symptoms and my family have a history of it.

I show a slightly above average risk for prostate cancer, alzheimers, age related macular degeneration and colorectal cancer.

Below is a print screen of my results, pretty impressive technology right?  But 23 and me and does even more, it is able to detect how I will respond to certain drugs and therefor I can make educated decisions prior to having treatment.


I appreciate a lot of people will think I am a little crazy for posting the above information but rest assured it’s only a snippit of available information and I post a lot more personal information into the public domain on a daily basis.

Another step towards mobile for the classroom

One of the frequent arguments used to cast out the use of Mobile phones in classrooms is the lack of charger or short battery life. No longer is that an issue…

The Airnergy WiFi Harvesting Charger “absorbs” power from your schools wireless network into a battery which can be used to charge devices such as mobile phones or PDA’s using a mini USB connection.

One of the best things about this is that any device that won’t use USB2 connectivity will be excluded. Hopefully this will encourage manufacturers to adopt more standards.
Of course that’s a dig at apple…

Emerging Technologies in Primary Education #2

George did an article on Emerging Technologies in Greek and I couldn’t read it so I figured I’d do a post then ask George to see how many of technologies overlapped.

Here is my list of Emerging Technologies:
  • Web 2 Replacement (ie Google Apps, Primary Email) for non web applications
  • Single Sign on / Federated Login (Such as the UK Federation)
  • SMS, Email & Social networking sites (Facebook/Twitter) to communicate both with pupils and teachers
  • Netbook devices
  • Touch screen devices (Such as fizzbook)
  • Cloud storage, Files stored online
  • More 1:1 projects (One Laptop per Child) and learning at home
UPDATE: 4 out of 7 overlapped with George (see comments for more details!)
Here are some I missed off ’cause I forgot..:
  • Learning while playing games (Such as Primary Games Arena)
  • Oled/eink display boards and learning panels once the technology matures
  • Learning outside of the school gates (Continued learning (with/without a structure))