Mission Accomplished :)

Woohoo, after several months of development work the new Primary School Safe Search site is live at http://primaryschoolict.com/

If you have your browsers home page set to http://primaryt.co.uk/google then it will automatically redirect you to the new site. You might want to change your browsers home page, this is available on the bottom right hand side of the page ๐Ÿ™‚

Glad it’s finished, next project is PGA ๐Ÿ™‚

Primary School ICT interface for safe search and pupils and teachers resources

So Iv’e been making a new interface, so what?

Well I really went all out this time, many of you may know the Primary School Safe Search engine, it currently recieves bout 4000 hits a day and is used in hundereds of schools..
I may make it perm, it depends on teacher feed back and general observations. ย Primary School ICT ย is designed it to work on 1024/768+ which is an issue cause some schools still run on 8×6 especially on IWB machines..

Adding google search to your VLE or Learning platform

This is a question I keep getting asked so I wanted to answer it.

“How do I put a google search onto my VLE or website or Blog”

Firstly, it is wrong that the google search on your VLE or Learning platform should show adds.

Secondly, if it does then whoever put it on is probably making money off it (we see this a lot and its a disgusting trend to make $ out of childrens searches in the bid they click on adds)

So yeah of course its doable for free and easily. What you want (assuming your a school) is a safe search without adds and focused on education.

Right, anyways.. The best solution is Primary School Safe Search

Read this guide and which will give you what you need to add some code to make this happen, but don’t worry its just copy and paste..