Beautiful Curves web based drawing tool for kids

Beautiful Curves is a really nice web based tool for creating pretty drawings.

No doubt you will do what I did and either write your name or draw a face!

It wins in the coolness category too as it’s built using canvas/JS so it’s open source and free to play ūüôā


Sesame Street youtube channel hacked

Sesame Streets Youtube channel and hundereds of partners that aggregated videos from the Sesame street Youtube channel today published indecent images and potentially extremely indecent video to children.

The pornographic videos uploaded by a hacker spread quickly around the internet, way too quick for Google who took 20 minutes to respond to the e-safety issue.

This is the first major instance where a major channel partner has been hacked and the target audience has been children. We can only assume that thousands of children have been affected.

It is not yet clear how the hacker managed to gain access to the Youtube channel that is currently suspended and not available. ¬†Today’s incident will lave Youtube and Google¬†embarrassed especially after only 5 days ago Youtube released a “Youtube Channel for Teachers” and only a few months ago were promoting the sesame street brand on the Google Search home page.

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Pictogram or Pictograph – Which is right?

Pictogram’s are dead. Beaten back by our relentless drive to use the correct suffix or descriptive term.

Viva la Pictograph revolution..

What the Google search evidence shows us: Pictogram is a more popular term and was used a whole 2 years before pictograph became popular so what happened?

It’s clear that both pictograms and pictographs are becomming less popular from a search perspective. Why could that be?

So my prediction is that by 2020 pictograph will become the chosen way of describing using pictures to represent counts.

We probably have the Americans to blame for this although I do use “color” instead of “colour” by default now and I have come to be rather fond of the way our language is being bastardized into a more generic, future oriented, mash-up.

All of this research just because I made a free online pictogram/pictograph.

In fact the British among us can see we really only started using pictogram more than pictograph in the 50s then it got dropped somewhat then picked back up in the 80s..
British English:

Whereas American’s have been consistent..
American English:

Would you agree that pictograph is “correct” term? I would say that a graph is the correct suffix to use. I would say this based on the fact that if you go to an image search and search for graph you will get a bunch of graphs but if you search for gram you will get mostly outputs from measurements (ie gram in weight) & mammograms and the like..

It’s time to come off the fence pictogram’ers, it’s pictograph and you love it.