Converting a snap on car steering wheel into a game controller

Pre Reqs:
  • A steering wheel gaming controller
  • 20 minutes spare
  • A car steering wheel
  • A snap on Hub
  • Saw that will cut through plastic
  • Screwdriver

  1. Remove casing
  2. Removing housing of Steering wheel
  3. Cut Steering wheel collumn (from game wheel)
  4. Drill 2 holes for snap on hub to snap into
  5. Put it on
  6. Test
  7. Screw back together

Karting March 2009

Today is the end of year Karting day, we’re meeting at Bfd karting at 1pm.

Anyone who doesn’t know where it is just drop me a line.
Plan is:
  1. 1pm karting
  2. Pizza
  3. Pool
  4. Few drinks(non alcoholic)
  5. 4pm ish drive home
  6. Get changed
  7. 7pm go eat pepperpot near BD5 office.
  8. Few alcoholic drinks
  9. Gig at St G Hall
  10. Clubs
Phone will be on all day but I won’t be able to answer during karting so ring someone else from the team!