Suggestions for improving Etherpad plugins

UPDATE: Me Gusta! All these things now exist. To improve your Etherpad plugin run

node bin/plugins/checkPlugins.js ep_whatever

In this blog post I will propose some methods to improve Etherpad plugins. This is a musing for myself a brain dump / wish list of things we might want to have in the future.

Test coverage

Does a plugin have test coverage? No test coverage discovered?

How to: Open Github issue including example source code.

Does the plugin have CI? If not create it..

How to: Create .travis file – Possible to automatically register repo as active in travis? Example travis test file

Automatically test plugins when a new version of Etherpad is released.

How to: Github actions?


No License?

How to: Suggest Apache 2 license to plugin as pull request


If plugin has i18n, automatically register plugins to Translate Wiki. If not, suggest supporting i18n.


Does the README file include a license?

Does the README contain an animated gif of user experience?

Does the plugin contain references to Etherpad as Etherpad lite?

Common faults

Is .ep_initialized included in the repo root? Send PR suggesting to remove it

Does .gitignore exist in root? If not? Send PR suggesting content

Does packages.json include link to repository?

Does package include npm-debug.log? Send PR removing it


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