Using git flow to release new version

Using git flow to release a new version of software enables developers to easily switch between releases to locate bugs and/or introduce new features.

In this example we are releasing version 1.1.4.

NOTE TO SELF: Remember to bump the version in src/packages.json

# debian/ubuntu only
apt-get install git-flow

# checkout the development branch
git checkout develop

# first time only, accept defaults
git flow init

# start the release process
# note the releases-1.1.4 bit, this should be 1.1.4 only but I'm following the pattern of Etherpad Lite
git flow release start 1.1.4

# publish the release to a new release branch
git flow release publish 1.1.4

Check everything fully one last time IE packages.json and let travis run it’s tests..

git flow release finish 1.2.4
git push origin master --tags

Now in root do

make docs

then copy the out/doc folder to repo doc/vx.x.x folder

mv out/doc/ ../

create the windows binary


copy the last 10 digits of the sha from git log to the end of the windows package file name before .zip

put this .zip in the folder and commit / push that.

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