ICT teaching and learning framework

Matt Lovegrove and others have done a fantastic job of writing up an ICT teaching and learning framework. I added some minor bits and suggestions and here is an updated version:

Download link

I want to commend Matt Lovegrove, Steve Greenfield, David Sheppard and Claire Waite for their efforts in creating this very clear and useful document. I also want to commend them for releasing the document under a creative commons license. What a great example of teachers willing to share and work in collaboration with other teachers and educators!

One thought on “ICT teaching and learning framework

  1. Traffic light sequence programming in Year 1 !!  I don’t think thats going to happen in most schools 🙂   The overall feel of the document was quite good and thank god they’ve made it open source (unlike the Lancs one where I wasn’t allowed a copy to edit and modify 🙁 )

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