Setting Safe Search as the default home page across your whole school

Creating a Group Policy Object (GPO) to set Safe Search as your Homepage

  1. Open Group Policy Management Console – It is found under Administrative Tools on the server Start Menu


  1. Right click on Group Policy Objects and select New


  1. Name the policy “Users – Set Homepage” – This will be a user policy rather than a computer policy, using a meaningful description will help administration later on.


  1. Right click on the policy and select Edit. The Group Policy Editor will now open.


  1. Browse through the tree structure to display Important URLs in the right hand side of the browser

User Configuration > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > URLs


  1. Right click on Important URLs and select Properties

Enter the following address for the homepage URL into the dialogue box



  1. Click on Ok and close the Group Policy Editor

  1. Within the Group Policy Management Window browse to the Organisational Unit containing your school users
  1. Right click on the Organisation Unit and select Link an existing GPO.


  1. Select your new GPO from the list and click Ok


  1. Your new GPO is now linked and will be applied to the users contained within the Organisational Unit you selected


Please be aware if you have another GPO applied at a higher level, for example in the Default Domain Policy settings may not be applied as anticipated. This can happen if you have two conflicting GPO’s. For example if you have two policies to set the homepage, one using and another using, one of the setting will take precedence.