Introducing the Random name selector tool

Introducing the Random name selector tool. A simple tool built for teachers to randomly pick a pupil, person, item or object from a list.  

Basically if you have a list of people and you need to pick one then whack their name into a list and click Go..  It will randomly pick someone, give you a pretty animation and some audio output.  I know it’s simple and basic and doesn’t have  many options but that’s the idea behind it.

You can single click share and embed it using an iframe (click Save & Share).

Geek warning: The tool is open source (as it’s 99.9% html/javascript) and is under the Afero GPL license. Just View Source and copy/paste, most of the js objects are from CDNs and you can just grab them too. If you do decide to copy it then please try to keep the credit to me in because I need my ego pleasing. I avoided flash as much as possible so all the animations are done with jQuery.

Oh before I forget, thanks to @PrimaryT aka Primary Technology for funding the development 🙂

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Random name selector tool

  1. for some odd reason i do not see the black
    line beneath “easy to share url” and “easy to embed code”. These lines appear one beneath the other. could u advise in solving the problem ?
    many thanks

  2. Lili, what browser are you using? Would it be possible to send me a screen shot or screen capture of the problem? Very happy to help advise in finding the solution as I am sure you wont be alone in having problems!

  3. It is working fine now. I dont know what happened earlier. It may have been my fault trying to put names that were not in English
    Thank you for yout answer

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