Android install APK

So you are beta testing an application or whatever and you have been given an .apk file to install.

Before we start make sure you have the android device driver installed, if not you can download it here.

1.  Plug the phone in to your PC with a USB Cable.  When prompted DO NOT mount USB.

2.  On the phone goto Settings –> Applications then click the Unknown sources tick box.

3.  On your PC Download the Android SDK

4.  Extract the Android SDK to c:\androidsdk

5.  Copy the .apk file you were given to c:\androidsdk\tools

6.  Click Start –> Run then type in:

c:\androidsdk\tools\adb install -r c:\androidsdk\tools\whatever.apk

Make sure you replace whatever.apk with the name of the file you copied.

7. Your application should now be installed.  Visit the application menu on the Android device and look for your icon.

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