Etherpad with Shibboleth Authentication (Technical document)

I want to login to Etherpad with my UK federation/Shibboleth login.

Firstly I need to get my SP working.
Configure SP & Apache initially..
I need to configure Tomcat to use Shibboleth for Authentication configure Jetty to use Shibboleth Authentication.
Once this is done I will have the users attributes as environment variables.

Now I have the variables I need to create a script to check the variables and create an account if required.  All sounds pretty simple right?  Let’s hope so, as I make progress I will document my changes.

I’m referring to the LDAP plugin patch code for how to handle “talking to etherpad”.

ETA is 3/4 weeks.  Sucks that I need to use Apache but oh well!!

Note:  Etherpad runs on Jetty, not Tomcat and doesn’t require Apache.  It is the shibboleth element of this that requires Apache to operate.

Note:  Thanks to nuba for reminding me about Jetty.

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