Remote / Off-site self hosted backup comparison

Every 2 years Primary Technology re-engineers all of it’s services and this year I have been tasked with re-engineering our School offsite /┬áremote backup service. Our current service works well but there are a few things we would change and we feel our current provider isn’t really giving us the support we need to make these changes.

The first part of any successful re-engineering job is to gather a comparison of all the available products on the market.

I reviewed these products/pieces of software:

  • Ahsay
  • Attix
  • Bacula
  • Crashplan
  • Dropbox
  • iDrive Backup
  • Intronis
  • One Safe Place
  • SOS Online Backup
  • Vembu
  • XZBackup
  • Amanda/Zmanda

And I reviewed them based on this following requirements of functionality:

  • Can the client transfer data and config over HTTPS?
  • Does a Windows client Exist?
  • Is the software brandable?
  • Can I perform a system state backup on the clients?
  • Can it export database bricks / incremental / differential backups
  • Does the client have a scheduler?
  • Can the client stop itself at a specified time
  • Can the server push changes to the client backup set?
  • Can the client easily select which files to upload?
  • Does the server save old versions of files?
  • Is the software open source?
  • Does the server have overview reporting?

And my notes which probably contain the most important informative information:

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