King’s Science Academy announced in Bradford

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I’m confused… A load of secondary’s in Bradford weren’t able to get their BSF money to get a new build yet a new free school has been announced.

Does anyone know what it’s intake will be or who is behind the proposal?

UPDATE: Intake will be Yr7+ and it is funded by Alan Lewis.

UPDATE: It will be built on Northside Road in Lidget Green and will be a 2.1 mile drive from the nearest secondary school (Grange City Technology College).

UPDATE: ย The school now has a website up that answers most of my questions.

There are many likely problems with the location/model and with the council taking education back from Serco I expect to see several sparks flying ๐Ÿ™‚

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8 thoughts on “King’s Science Academy announced in Bradford

  1. Unfortunately your post comes top of my Google search to answer the same question !

    Free schools are not supposed to be restricted by the LEA system of planned provision, but to provide competition for it.

  2. hannah i go to this school in september it only has yr 7 but then next yr it will hav yr 8 n it will go on just lyk that

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