Construct in the classroom – The free open-source game creator

Scirra Construct is an game construction tool that looks like it may be a bit too complex for Primary but if someone could create a wizard interface and some primary school templates and maybe a few LA’s start doing some CPD around it the results could be excellent.

I have 2 gripes and they are obvious: It is a download + install application and the games can not be played in a web browser.

If anyone is currently using game maker you should check this post out on why Construct is better.

It certainly has the wow factor but with alternatives like 2simple’s 2DIY and scratch it may feel like overkill to some!

Game Based Learning

It looks like 2010 may be the year of Game Based Learning. With new commercial products such as Manga High hitting the shelves and already established community built sites such as Primary Games Arena it is becoming clear to me that educators are climbing over the mountain of scepticism towards using games to learn and embracing it with open arms.

I do wonder how sites like Primary Games Arena will embrace the new curriculum. Currently games are themed and have some strategy/game play built around that theme. IE you could have a Viking counting game but you couldn’t turn that game from a Viking counting game to a Tudors counting game.

What are your thoughts on using games to learn?
My thoughts on this is that games could have a new approach, building the logic separate from the theme, allowing users to specify their own style and context but keeping the challenges fun, educational and relevant.
How would you approach this change? Would you begin categorizing games based on a theme?

I expect I will get the usual response of, “Game based learning has been relevant for years”. I don’t disagree with this but the momentum and availability behind gaming is certainly increasing.

Have you been able to find the right game for your lesson?

My recommendation (because im biased) is to check out: