6.1 awesome things HDMI on a cell phone could bring to the classroom

With the notice that HDMI is probably being replaced with 5PlayTM just as mobile phones just beginning supporting it what could the potential uses be of HDMI in a classroom?  HDMI is usually the cable that goes from a laptop to the projector.  Essentially HDMI in a mobile phone means you can hook it up to a projector or large screen.

1. Share work from mobile with others via large classroom display

2. Truly turn the cell phone into a teaching tool by embedding it in the fabric of a classroom

3. A great presentation tool

4. An abundance of easy to access interactive apps/games

5. Unfiltered internet connectivity (This has its pros and cons)

*6. Charge phone via cable (HDBaseT can provide power)

Could this mean an RJ45 connector in every desk to charge pupils handheld devices and give them access to both network and media/presentation resources?

Check out the comparison chart below to see what is possible over HDBaseT

I reckon there will be a large market/demand in HDBaseT 1.0 to micro USB adapters mostly because the RJ-45 connector (seen right) is too chunky to fit into a phone.

If you know a company that makes a RJ45 -> Micro USB adapter for Network / Video connectivity then invest now.

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