Cordova Windows Phone 8 Exit Application

If you have a Phonegap/cordova app that goes from page1.html to page2.html then follows a link back to page1.html the standard backbutton behavior wont exit the app.

Page1 >> Page 2 >> Page 1 — Windows Phone will take you to page 2 instead of exiting the app. It’s expected behavior but it’s kinda poorly documented..

Anyway I searched around for ages but didn’t find a fix that worked for me..

Diff friendly folks see the commit that includes this fix

TLDR of how I fixed this is to use a JS value to track which page I’m on..

IE in page1.html you could have..

var currentPage = "index";

Then in your app.deviceready function include..

if(currentPage == "index"){
  document.addEventListener("backbutton", handleBack, true);
  document.addEventListener("backbutton", handleBack, false);
function handleBack(){
  // handle other logic here such as handling the back events from page2 to page1..

The real magic here is history.go(-(history.length-9999)) which basically tells the history stack to reset. Also the true statement on addEventListener allows the original registered event to fire (Native back button)..

Anyway give it a try and let me know if it works for you.