How to find out the version of an Etherpad instance?

The git hash is stored in the HTTP Response headers.


Open your browser (ff/chrome)
F12 (developer tools)
Look in the header responses. It will show the Git Hash of the current revision then look at to see which hash is relevant to which version.

Get Etherpad Pad contents in Javascript

function getElementByIdInFrames(id, base) {
  var el;
  if(el = base.document.getElementById(id)) {
    return el;

  for(var i = 0, len = base.frames.length; i < len; i++) {
    if(el = getElementByIdInFrames(id, base.frames[i])) {
      return el;
getElementByIdInFrames("innerdocbody", window).innerHTML;

This means you can also do…

getElementByIdInFrames("innerdocbody", window).innerHTML = "Superducky";

And if you want to use jQuery a one liner will sort you out..


NOTE: Due to a change in the jQuery API a . after iframe was removed — 10/02/2013

Means you can do..


Thanks to Mark Fisher for the jQuery example