Safe Curriculum games plugin / widget for WordPress & WPMU


Put the top 5 curriculum games from Primary Games Arena onto your blog.
  1. Download from here
  2. Unzip to wp-contents/plugins
  3. Activate site wide (In plugins)
  4. Log into wp-admin
  5. Click Appearance > Widgets
  6. Drag the widget onto your sidebar


Weird wordpress page..

I just found this code in a wordpress page…

<a href=””>tadalafil</a></div><script language=”javascript”>function setOpacity(a,b){;’alpha(opacity=’+b*10+’)’; } setOpacity(document.getElementById(‘begin_3′),’0’); document.getElementById(‘begin_3′).style.display=’none’;
If anyone knows how this managed to make it onto the page please let me know!
Even though wordpress had been updated it didn’t removed this old bug. Jumped into mysql admin and removed it manually, no big deal..

WPMU plugin – All site feeds

I am in the process of feeding primary blogger to twitter. I wanted all new posts posted to primary blogger to the twitter account.

This will allow people to follow @PrimaryBlogger on twitter and get a good idea of what Primary Schools are blogging about.

There is already a Blog roll available on but this is not available through twitter or any other aggregation service.

I will be using this plugin:

This only took 5 mintues or so and is available to see here –

Enjoy 🙂

WPMU WordPress Multi User and Photo Peach / PhotoPeach

You need to extend the embed array in kses.php to allow for the additional param’s passed by PhotoPeach..

Something like this..
’embed’ => array (
‘style’ => array (),
‘type’ => array (),
‘id’ => array (),
‘height’ => array (),
‘width’ => array (),
‘allowscriptaccess’ => array (),
‘allowfullscreen’ => array (),
‘flashvars’ => array (),
‘movie’ => array (),
‘photos’ => array (),
‘src’ => array ()),
Look out for ’embed’ => array (
this is where you add your params then close your array with
dont forget to close with ,
This took me an hour or so to figure out how to do so hopefully you will be able to do it quicker.

“Hey I’m Ben, Community Guy at #Photopeach. Just wanted to say thanks for your WPMU embed fix and we’re adding it to our FAQ.”