Google’s hidden gems

“Google’s hidden gems” is an arms length look at the Gem spitting Monster that is Google, with over 100 services covered the presentation will inspire, entertain and provoke parts of the brain you never even knew existed. Delivered by John McLear who is well known for his critical approach to business ethnics, we ask the question, is Google fulfilling it’s mission statement of “Don’t be evil” as we uncover a world of Google services never disclosed to the public.

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Primary School Wireless

My Presentation on Primary School Wireless that I did for Bradford Curriculum ICT is due soon. I dropped the hard disk off at Challenge CLC and I’m just waiting on getting the video footage back. It should only take me a few days to process the footage then I will release it on here/youtube.

If you have any questions before it goes live on the site then please email me or and we will be happy to help.
Here are our contact details for wireless networks
Just been told the video is now on the hard disk so I will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon!
UPDATE: This is now available on You tube