It’s a London thing

I set off to London on Friday at 4am after getting no sleep at all, I landed at the FOTE09 (future of technology in education 2009) conference and really enjoyed it (see my blog posts). Although I was really tired I then headed to my friends house in Acton and had a great Friday night eating pizza and crashing watching the TV. 40 hours after getting up I finally got to sleep…
Saturday was slow to bring to the boil but we got up and went to watch Surrogates (See review) then headed to Mr Jerks for Jerk Chicken rice and peas. So good, so full, but never the less I battled on to head to Clapham to meet a friend we call “STI for a quick drink. After being hit on by a girl of Brazilian decent we decided it was probably best for everyone if we headed back home to get a reasonably early night.
I woke up on Sunday to the piercing tones of an Auzzy or NZ skype conference call in the room next to me. Safe to say I didn’t want to stick around too long so I walked around to the bus station with my mate P whilst discussing how eager we are for the release of Diablo 3….
Leaving my friend “P” behind after a few great days I headed on bus to Wilesden Green to hang out with my aunt for the day. The bus was great and I got from Acton to Wilesden Green in 40 minutes or so. We had a great lunch then headed to see my cousin, her husband and their two children who I have barely even met! Seeing them was great, the kids are great and we had a great time. I wish I remember to get some pictures of me with the kids, especially Charlie who has similar hair to what I had when I was his age. I didn’t want to outstay my welcome so we left at about 9:30 and headed home for more food and tea. I rang my friend Fuxtonius at 10pm and told him I was crashing at his house, an idea he was not opposed to which was good because I didn’t have anywhere to stay on Monday night! Last thing I did was prepare for Hand held learning 2009 (See review) which I had to be at by 10:30..
Monday came and I was eager to get to HHL to meet some of the twitter folks and to see what people had to say, especially about the wilsden project and also to see if I could persuade anyone to get behind my “Not a VLE project”. Met a lot of people and really enjoyed the first presentation of the day. Met some friends and family for lunch then headed back to HHL, unfortunately some of the presentations were repeats from Friday and the exhibition didn’t have any interesting companies showing anything new. I think with the stands costing £3000 this year a lot of smaller innovative companies weren’t interested. Anyway, read my review if you are interested in HHL.. After the do I headed out drinking with some friends till about 11 at which point I walked up to Angel to stop at Fuxtonius‘ flat.
Woke up on Monday morning and tried to persuade a train guy to not be a douche bag and to let me get an earlier train but he wasn’t having it so I jumped onto Macdonalds wireless network and enjoyed a cup of tea while slowly authoring some blog posts and thinking about where to eat breakfast and how to kill 3 hours…
Thanks to my aunt, my cousins and their kids, P, STI and Fuxtonius for everything, I had a great time and I will be back in January probably. 🙂
Also thanks to the Bradford massive (EB) for the entertainment factor 😉 You do realize the pub we were in was completely empty? Was that something to do with us cause everyone left when we went in! Do I smell?

Elgg – All entities must be public – Remove friends and everyone else as options during inupt

Wow possibly the worst topic ever for one of my posts 😛

This is relevant if
a) You use Elgg
b) You want all users to only be able to post as public
c) You have the allpublic elgg plugin
If not you won’t be interested..
Basically, the array that holds the values takes 0,1,2 then you drop out 0,1 (this is default behavior in the allpublic plugin).
For some weird reason this leaves behind “Friends” as an option, this is not desirable behavior and the fix is to remove -2 ( I know wth were they thinking) from the array. Use this line of code in the allplugin access.php:
Put that with the rest of the unset’s in the plugin.
Full file path will be mod/allpublic/views/default/input
As another note, if -2 isn’t right for you just echo out the $key value from the array like..
{$option . $key} then you will get the name of the option and the key/id.