Tips for hotel life in China

I recently spent 3 weeks in hotels in China and realized I should share some insights and recommendations..

  • The roads are noisy and distracting, bring speakers/headphones/ear plugs.
  • It gets wet so bring short socks / sandles
  • If you have a hotel pool, bring a swimming hat
  • The Internet might be filtered, preload maps and/or organize a VPN
  • Lots of beer is bottled, bring a bottle opener

Words worth remembering..

  • Nee how – Hello
  • Ching Dao – A brand of beer..
  • Shey shey – Thank you
  • Dong La – I understand

I’d recommend learning the Chinese way of saying your hotel name. Each hotel will have a business card with their address in both English and Chinese, pick a handful of your hotels business cards up..

I’d recommend learning the name of the KTV nearest to your hotel, these are usually used as great reference points.. KTV = Karaoke joint..

One thought on “Tips for hotel life in China

  1. Nee how.

    If you come to China again, I can teach you to learn more Chinese.

    Shey Shey for your EtherPad.


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