Etherpad with Active Directory (LDAP/AD)

So you want to host your own Etherpad deployment and you want to tie it into your schools AD/LDAP/Active directory? Below are the basic instructions for how to accomplish this. Alternatively you can pay us to do it.
Get the patch
Get the etherpad source (warning- may take some time- go make a cuppa tea)
hg clone etherpad
Go to the etherpad folder
cd etherpad
Extract the patch
tar –xvz –strip-components=1 -f ../gist10061b4b213619816db5-e60df95e16c09700b4cf07cd87b9732dd7b15ace.tar.gz
Apply the patch

patch -p1 < ldap_support.patch

Set your superdomain
nano trunk/etherpad/src/etherpad/globals.js
add yourdomain.whatever to the SUPERDOMAINS
Edit pro_accounts.js
nano trunk/etherpad/src/etherpad/pro/pro_accounts.js
Change directory
cd trunk/etherpad
Add the useLdapconf to the config
echo “etherpad.useLdapConfiguration = ./etc/json.config” >> etc/
Edit json.config
nano etc/json.config
Paste in (you need the {}’s):

url” : “ldap://localhost:10389”,
“principal” : “uid=admin,ou=system”,
“password” : “secret”,
rootPath” : “ou=users,ou=system”,
userClass” : “person”,
nameAttribute” : “displayname“,
ldapSuffix” : “@ldap
Replacing the above with your settings.
Build your etherpad
Test your etherpad
Browse to
Type in your email address (of the user in ldap) and password
Fin! Credit to Elliot Kroo and Marcio Starke – discussed further in this google group.
Shibboleth integration coming mid 2010 (if anyone wants to fund this please get in touch!)

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  1. I need to add java.naming.referral=follow as my users are all in different OU. Any idea where to add this line?

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