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  • Awesome Picasa feature

    Date: 2009.11.12 | Category: google, picasa, toolbar | Response: 0

    In windows 7 when you open a picture it previews like this..

    windows7 image preview Awesome Picasa feature
    Click the image you will get the picasa tool bar pop up at the bottom of the screen.
    it looks like this..

    picasa toolbar Awesome Picasa feature
    Click upload and with one click your image is uploaded to your Picasa Web Albums
    Your picture can now be easily shared with your friends icon smile Awesome Picasa feature

  • Google docs simple interface

    Date: 2009.10.03 | Category: api, apps, docs, engine, google, simple, toolbar | Response: 0

    Does anyone know if its possible to change the interface on google docs to a more simple interface with less toolbars?
    This is how it looks by default:
    google docs toolbar Google docs simple interface
    This is how I’d like it to look if I were to have pupils use google apps:
    google docs simple toolbar Google docs simple interface