Etherpad Lite V1 is here!

After nearly 2 years work at Primary Technology we’re happy to be a big part in the first major release of Etherpad Lite. Etherpad has been my first major open source contribution and has been the technology behind PrimaryPad since December 2009. All of the work I have done on this project has been on my evenings/weekends and I haven’t been paid. The idea is that I have a better understanding of Etherpad Lite which in turn means I can make PrimaryPad the best collaborative writing tool available for schools. Thankfully Google Docs has been a week competitor, after only a few months they lost the only talent they had that could work on the collaborative module so this gave me an opportunity and the momentum to really work hard. I have worked with Peter at Primary Technology (He has been getting a wage to work on Etherpad) and a bunch of other people, learning as I have gone along.

So what’s next? Now Etherpad Lite V1 is done and Peter is going back to Germany I have decide what my role will be in the project and if I want to continue working on open source ventures or not… I have a week or so to make this decision and many others before I go back to work at PrimaryT so watch this space 🙂

The highlights of the project so far is witnessing Etherpad being used to rewrite policies, constitutions and watching it being used for learning and sharing ideas. Etherpad is an extremely versatile tool and I believe the goal of it being the most widely adopted real time collaborative editor is feasible if we can get enough community engagement.

One thought on “Etherpad Lite V1 is here!

  1. Hi, I know this is an old post and etherpad. I have installed etherpad in an IIS7 environment. I was able to run it out of the box without difficulty. I have changed settings to use mysql and also outside etherpad I have configured the proxy to point to it and access it via url – last but not least I have it running as a service. I am using nssm to check on it running.

    My problem is that after about 1 hour of running fine, the “create pad” and insert name (initial page) still shows but loading the new pad will result in a 502 error.

    I have been trying to see if it is a issue, since back in the time they introduced a bug that would produce the problem, however, is up to date and in the newest release and I cannot find anybody experiencing similar problems.

    I am not sure I should submit this question into Etherpad-lite tracker. If you think that is the best place to do so, please let me know
    Thanks for any help you can provide me =)

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