• Word Processor on kindle 3G

    Date: 2010.10.06 | Category: etherpad, ICT, primary, primary pad, Primary School

    PrimaryPad appears to be the first collaborative word processor to be available for Kindle and it sure packs one hell of a Punch.  PrimaryPad is based on Etherpad so you can do really-real time collaboration over the net.  Currently the user interface is a bit tricky to operate but this will be improved over the next few months.

    What does this mean?  If someone calls you and asks you to proof read a letter you can easily do it on your kindle and make any changes in really-real time.

    What does it mean for schools?  Could this be the beginning of the demise of school infrastructures including servers/wireless networks.  Could 3G/HSDPA be your device connectivity of the future.

    This is the first announcement by the Etherpad foundation due over the next 5 days, with another 4 expected it is great news and hopefully a sign of things to come!