Free digital signage alternatives for schools – WordPress and Visible Tweets

Ever been quoted a rediculous amount of your digital signage software and figured why can’t I just use this old laptop/pc and do it myself? Well now you can, and you don’t need any extra software. These 2 options work through your web browser and are completely free.

Visible tweets

To use visisble tweets you will need a school twitter account and you will probably want to “feed” your twitter account from your school blog or website.  People can then follow your school twitter account and get the latest updates in real time and as you update your website/blog it will automatically update your schools digital signage.  Visible tweets is super easy but is limited to tweets alone so pictures or video are out of the picture….

Live Example

Primary Blogger

Primary Blogger is a blogging platform that supports themes for digital signage.  You can include videos, pictures, vokis, pretty much anything.  Primary Blogger can update itself from an RSS feed so you can have your blog or website anywhere and just tell Primary Blogger to update from that. It is fair to say that without videos it is less visually stimulating than Visible tweets.



Live ExampleGuide for how to do it

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