Free Office 2010 Web Apps in your school

To compete with Google Docs, Microsoft Office 2010 web apps is free. If you want to use Microsoft Office without an internet connection you will need to purchase the offline version of the software for the usual educational price tag of around £30.

Microsoft Office Web Apps is an on-line version of Microsoft office.

So what do you/don’t you get with Office web apps?

  1. No Microsoft publisher
  2. You get limited web based versions of WordExcelPowerpoint and OneNote
  3. Access anywhere, any time (requires internet)
  4. You can upload your current existing Office 2003/2007 documents

When it comes to it, you have a few options for working with documents.

  1. Purchase the office suite.
  2. Use the free online tools by Microsoft – Microsoft Live @ Edu
  3. Use the free online tools by Google – Google Apps Education Edition
  4. Use open office (Free).
  5. Use educationally focused alternatives such as Glogster, Scribblar, Empressr, PrimaryPad – Each of these alternatives is specific to one job, and that job is done well. (Mostly free)
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One thought on “Free Office 2010 Web Apps in your school

  1. So as you mention, The Office Web Apps are available freely for the education sector through Live@edu. That service gives you Exchange 2010 hosted (with the option of a 10GB mailbox for all students/staff), and 25GB of online document storage with the Web Apps attached to it.

    That’s all free and doesn’t need any license agreements or anything.

    You can also save to and open from the Web App file store – and use the file storage to store any document type, not just Office docs.

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