E-Ink brings fresh thought to classrooms

E Ink is a new technology that is exciting investors the world over. E Ink is basically a way of displaying 4 shades of grey onto an LCD type display that uses a less power. I am going to be discussing practical uses for this in a school or classroom environment.

Obvious uses are:
  • Replace classroom display boards with relevant material.
  • Replace paintings or signs with suitable notices.
  • Use as a reading device, alternative to a laptop.
My concept..:
It wasn’t that many years ago since I left the classroom… Okay, so it was but I still remember most of what I wasn’t supposed to be learning. My eyes constantly wandered around the walls looking at the presentation that year 11 had done on osmosis whilst trying not to learn..
So I figured..
Why not have displays that update with material that is relevant to what the teacher is trying to teach, that way when I start to wander at least I’m learning something that’s useful.
Something to note:
E Ink will mostly be powered by solar and should be sustainable using standard classroom lighting. E Ink will not be a replacement for a computer or laptop. E Ink is a display technology.
And to sprinkle the frosties
Currently 7″ x 9″ screens are classed as “massive”. Some of the screens are flexible and most do not have any wireless connectivity.
In my ideal world a screen would be 4ft x 3ft, width/height adjustable and include some sort of wireless content delivery system. Oh and it should be solar powered. I want to pay about $200 for this, max.
Oh and as my last request I want to be able to roll it up at the end of the term, just so the cleaners don’t break it!
E Ink in 2005

The flexible potential of E Ink

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